Web Fundamentals: Plug-ins Are Like Popeye’s Spinach

Ever watch Popeye the Sailor Man cartoons? All on his personal, Popeye might do rather a lot. He might stroll and discuss and sing and smoke his pipe. However when it got here time to take care of his nemesis, Brutus, Popeye simply wasn’t as much as the duty.

Not till he ate his spinach, that’s. And all of a sudden, good previous Popeye might do much more than earlier than. That is when issues all the time received thrilling, and, all of a sudden, dealing with Brutus was no downside popeyes menu.

That is what plug-ins are like.

Identical to Popeye all on his personal, a browser can do rather a lot. It could show webpages and work with particular languages like Javascript. However when it comes time to take care of different particular issues like audio or video or Flash content material or Moveable Doc Information (PDFs), nicely, browsers usually aren’t as much as the duty.

Not till they’re outfitted with some plug-ins, that’s. And all of a sudden, your good previous browser can do much more than earlier than. That is when the Web can get much more thrilling.

You see, the plug-ins are like little bits of software program that work along with your browser so it might probably show much more sorts of content material than simply plain previous webpages.

Not like Popeye’s spinach, the plug-ins are normally made accessible for FREE. How come the plug-ins are free? As a result of the cash will get made promoting the software program that creates the content material that the plug-ins are for.

For instance, Macromedia makes a software program program referred to as Flash. It’s a must to purchase the software program to make Flash-based content material which you could put up on the Web. However for somebody to view your Flash-based content material, they’re going to must go to the Macromedia web site and obtain the Flash plug-in. Then their browser will have the ability to show Flash content material. And since Macromedia desires to promote a number of their Flash software program to builders, they make the plug-in free to most people in order that it is easy to view Flash-based content material.

And that is why plug-ins are like Popeye’s spinach.

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